Studi Veneziani 67-68 (2013)

studiVenezianiΑρθρα αφορώντα τη θεματική του ιστολογίου, με βάση τα περιεχόμενα των τόμων στην ιστοσελίδα του περιοδικού:

Ruthy Gertwagen, Venice, Genoa and the fights over the island of Tenedos (late fourteenth and early fifteenth century), Studi Veneziani 67 (2013) 35-88.
Diana Gilliland Wright, The Kladas affair and diplomatic relations (1480-1485), Studi Veneziani 67 (2013) 157-182. [Διαθέσιμο ΕΔΩ]
Daphne Lappa, Religious conversions within the Venetian military milieu (17th and 18th centuries), Studi Veneziani 67 (2013) 183-200. [Διαθέσιμο ΕΔΩ]
Gerassimos D. Pagratis, Venice, her subjects and ships. Continuity and discontinuity in Venetian mercantile and maritime policy and its impact on the shipping of the Ionian islanders during the 16th century, Studi Veneziani 67 (2013) 253-266. [Διαθέσιμο ΕΔΩ]
Miltos Karkazis, The post-Venetian Ionian islands, Studi Veneziani 68 (2013), 237-250.
Fausto Lanfranchi, Porti e approdi per la difesa della Morea nella strategia e logistica dell’armata veneziana, Studi Veneziani 68 (2013) 419-464.