Échanges juridiques à la Crète Vénitienne (ΧΙΙΙe – ΧVe siècle)

Ioannis Chatzakis, «Échanges juridiques à la Crète Vénitienne (ΧΙΙΙe – ΧVe siècle). Οbservations à l’occasion de l’institution des “notaires grecs” (notarius in scriptura greca, XIIIe s. – début du XVIe s.)», Études Balcaniques 19-20 (2013-2014), 153-185.

Περίληψη (summary), ό.π. σ. 185:
The Venetians’s awareness of the importance of notaries lead to the incorporation in to the administrative mechanism of the Republic of the institution of Greek-speaking «taboularioi». They formed a special group that could address effectively the legal needs of the local population in Venetian Crete. This particular group remained in function until the late 15th – early 16th century, when the introduction of Italian and Greek as the official languages of notarial practice, eliminated the reason for its existence. Venice sought to control the activity of this specific professional group. It first integrated and gradually assimilated the «taboularioi» into its administrative system. So while the ‘Greek notarii’ seem to have initially represented a form of resistance against the implentation of Venetian Law, they eventually facilitated the legal interactions between the Venetian authorities and the island’s indigenous population.
Διαθέσιμο: https://www.academia.edu/17715055/_%C3%89changes_juridiques_%C3%A0_la_Cr%C3%A8te_V%C3%A9nitienne_%CE%A7%CE%99%CE%99%CE%99e_%CE%A7Ve_si%C3%A8cle_._%CE%9Fbservations_%C3%A0_l_occasion_de_l_institution_des_notaires_grecs_notarius_in_scriptura_greca_XIIIe_s._d%C3%A9but_du_XVIe_s._%C3%89tudes_Balcaniques_19-20_2013-2014_153-185