Venetian conquered Heraklion

Alexandra Karagianni, «Venetian conquered Heraklion (15ht-16th c.): Cultura growth and trade of byzantine icons», Porphyra 23 (2015), 117-126.

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Venetian conquered Heraklion (1211-1669) was transformed into an important urban centre and a flourishing harbour from a local isolated Byzantine community. After constant uprisings, which were led by the Cretan population throughout the 13th century, the political
situation on the island gradually settled down. Crete began to enjoy stability and economic prosperity, which reflected in arts such as poetry, theatre, music, and, as discussed in this article, icon painting. The Cretan painters Andreas Ritzos, George Klontzas, Michael Damaskenos, and Domenikos Theotokopoulos brought a new impulse into the iconographic repertoire and established style of Cretan painting. All four artists experimented with
introducing features from contemporary Mannerism and Renaissance art to the canvas of Cretan tradition, but each of them created an entirely individual and personal style.
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