Venice, Genoa and the island of Tenedos

Ruthy Gertwagen, «Venice, Genoa and the fights over the island of Tenedos (late fourteenth and early fifteenth century)», Studi Veneziani 67 (2013) 35-88.

Από τις σ. 35-37.

In 1377 a war broke between Venice and Genoa over the island of Tenedos …. The aim of the present paper is three folds: to pinpoint the meaning of the articles of the pact of Torino (1381), while highlighting the importance of the island of Tenedos in the maritime layout of Venice and Genoa. Holding and alternatively losing, the island had a different meaning for each of these maritime powers, with bearing on the policy concerning their maritime commercial activity in the N-E Mediterranean. Furthermore, the implications were not only limited to this area but included the Adriatic and Ionian Seas as well. This paper also provides a fresh and more accurate profile, than the one made up till now, of the various geopolitical systems and political powers involved in and affected by these violent conflicts.

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